Access to Premises

Access to Premises

(A) Duly authorized agents of NORW shall have access, at all reasonable hours, to the premises of the CUSTOMER for the purpose of installing or removing NORW property, inspecting piping, reading or testing meters or for any other purpose in connection with NORW service and facilities.

(B) Each CUSTOMER shall grant or convey to NORW, its agents and assigns, without additional consideration or charge, and at such time or times as determined by NORW a permanent easement in, on, over, through and across the premises of the customer for the purpose of constructing, installing, using, maintaining and repairing additional distribution line or lines, or service line or lines, of whatever size, length or nature as NORW determines may be necessary for its operations, present and future in a continued distribution of portable water throughout its system; provided however, such easement shall not exceed 20 feet in width and shall be constructed and locaed as close to an adjacent public right-of-way as is practicable under the circumstances then existing. In the event there is no adjacent public right-of-way, then the easement shall be in a location least detrimental to CUSTOMERS use and enjoyment of the premises and still consisted with the use, requirements and purposes of NORW. NORW shall have the sole discretion to determine the location of the easement subject to this policy.

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