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Customer Responsibility

Customer Responsibility

(A) The CUSTOMER'S service line shall connect with the distribution system of NORW at the nearest place of desired use of the CUSTOMER, provided NORW has determined in advance that the water system is of sufficient capacity to permit delivery of water at this point.

(B) The CUSTOMER shall install and maintain at his own expense a service line which shall begin at the property line and extend to the dwelling and other portions of his premises. Water loss on the customer side of the meter shall be the responsibilty of the customer.

(C) If NORW is called upon to provide additional meters, each place of metering will be considered as a separate and individual account.

(D) The CUSTOMER'S piping and apparatus shall be installed and maintained by the CUSTOMER at the CUSTOMER'S expense in a safe and efficient manner and in accordance with NORW rules and regulations and in full compliance with sanitary regulations of the State Board of Health.

(E) The CUSTOMER shall guarantee proper protection for NORW's property placed on the CUSTOMER'S premises and shall permit access to it only by NORW personnel.

(F) In the event that any loss or damage to the property of NORW or any accident or injury to persons or property is caused by or results from negligence or wrongful act of the CUSTOMER, his agent or employees, the cost of the necessary repairs or replacements shall be paid by the CUSTOMER to NORW and any liability otherwise resulting shall be assumed by the CUSTOMER.

(G) The amount of such loss, or damage or cost of repairs shall be added to the CUSTOMER'S bill and if not paid, services may be discontinued by NORW.

(H) Water furnished by NORW may be used for domestic consumption by the CUSTOMER, members of their household and/or employees only. The CUSTOMER shall not sell or give the water to any other person without the approval of NORW.

(I) CUSTOMER'S having operations considered hazardous by NORW must have an approved backflow prevention device. The back-flow prevention device must be in place before water service will be initiated. NORW reserves the right to refuse service unless the CUSTOMER'S lines or piping are installed in such manner as to prevent cross connections or back-flow as governed by Resolution 97-87.

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