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Extensions to Mains and Services

Extensions to Mains and Services

(A) NORW will supply service for temporary purposes, provided that there is water available in excess of regular needs, and provided that NORW has available material and equipment necessary to supply said service. Each applicant for such service must pay in advance to NORW the estimated cost of labor and materials, less salvage value on removal of installing and cost of removing such service.

(B) NORW will construct extensions to its water lines to points within its area; but NORW shall not be required to make such installations unless the CUSTOMER pays to NORW the entire cost of the installation.

(C) All line extensions shall be evidenced by NORW a contract signed by NORW and the person advancing funds for said extension.

(D) Anyone desiring an extension may pay the entire cost of same, construct the extension according to NORW's specifications, and after construction and inspection by NORW, turn the ownership over to NORW in exchange for NORW maintaining the line and supplying water at the current rate. In the alternative, anyone desiring an extension may apply to NORW and enter into any contract mutually agreeable to such person or persons and to NORW.

The extension of any lines for the purpose of providing water to a subdivision, whether major or minor, shall be at the sole cost of the CUSTOMER. Subdivision shall mean, in the case of a minor subdivision, any division of an existing parcel into additional parcels along an existing street or roadway. Major subdivision shall mean the division of any parcel involved in the extension of any existing streets, roadways or easements of access and shall be subject to a subdivision agreement as provided for in these Rules and Regulations.

(E) No water supplies for public use shall be constructed or operated within the limits of NORW, except as approved by the Board.

(F) The term "public use" shall signify the use or distribution of industrial or potable water when applied to the needs of two (2) or more seperate customers.

(G) Restrictions provided herein shall not apply to the development and use of water for industrial purposes by any corporation or may be specifically exempted by Board action, provided water supplies developed by them be devoted to their own particular use.

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