Frequently Asked Questions - General

Several things can cause low water pressure. The main shut off valve could be partially closed. Clogged filter screens in faucets or washing machines cause low pressure just in that area of the home. Some pressure reducing valves malfunction. Low pressure could mean that there is a problem with the water meter. Maintenance work could be in progress or a fire hydrant is being used. If you experience a sudden drop in water pressure, you should contact the water office.

The water meter is located out near the street. It is usually in line of where your service line enters your home. Northern Ohio Rural Water has records of where each meter is located. You can contact the office for its location.

Northern Ohio Rural Water purchases water from the City of Elyria Water Works, the City of Sandusky Big Island Water Treatment Plant, Rural Lorain County Water Authority, City of Lorain Water Works, and the Village of New London.

Leaking water produces a high water bill without your knowledge. Some leaks are sporadic and require detective work. Other leaks are very obvious. It doesn't matter what type of leak you have, they both have solutions which will decrease your high water bill. For more information on how to detect a leak and monitor your costs, see the Water Usage tab. Also under this tab is the Waste Water Calculator. A single dripping faucet will impact your water bill over time.

Blue flags across your property is an indication that someone has contacted the Ohio Utilities Protection Service to request underground utilities to mark lines to avoid damage during digging. Northern Ohio Rural Water also places flags next to the meter vaults during late autumn to enable the meter reader to locate the meter better during periods of snow.

Contact the Northern Ohio Rural Water office to find out if there is water available to you in your area. To purchase a water tap you would need to contact our office and sign a Water User's Agreement, provide proof of ownership of the property and pay the current tap in fee.

Here is our contact information:
Phone: 419-668-7213 or (800) 333-3653 FREE
Fax: 419-668-7617