Meter Reading, Billing, and Collecting

Meter Reading, Billing, and Collecting

(A) Meters will be read every other month, estimated every other month, and bills rendered monthly.

(B) Charge for service commences when CUSTOMER requests a meter be installed and connection made, whether used or not. Charges also commence after 60-day grace period on new construction.

(C) Readings from different meters will not be combined for billing, irrespective of the fact that said meters may be for the same or different premises, or the same or different CUSTOMERS or for the same or different services.

(D) The CUSTOMER shall pay for such water at such rates, time and places as shall be determined by the NORW. Rates are subject to adjustment at any time.

(E) Water bills are not payable at any location other than the NORW Office or NORW's designated agent. NORW does not assume any liability if a late charge is added to a CUSTOMER'S account, even though he may have paid the bill at another location prior to the due date but is not received by NORW by the due date.

(F) All meters will be billed monthly. All bills are due twenty days from the billing date. A 10% late charge will be added to any bill not paid by the due date. Service shall be suspended to any past due account upon reaching the third billing cycle. Failure to receive regular monthly or penalty bills does not exempt the CUSTOMER from the above action. Any service suspended due to non-payment shall not be restored until all water charges are paid in full by cash, money order, certified check or credit card (convenience fee). Additionally, a $50.00 reconnection fee for next day service or a $100.00 reconnection fee for same day service will be assessed and paid.

(G) Postdated CHECKS will not be accepted for payment.

(H) There will be a $25.00 service charge assessed for any returned check.

(I) A $100.00 tenant deposit shall be required from any consumer who does not hold legal title to the property, i.e., land contracts and rentals, unless owner pays water bills. Acceptance of tenant deposit by NORW will be contingent on the land owner signing the tenant agreement guarantee assuming final responsibility, allowing the water bill to be sent to the tenant. Upon discontinuance of service and payment of all bills due to NORW, any balance of such deposit shall be returned to the consumer.

(J) Any property owner desiring to discontinue the water service to his premises for any reason must give notice of discontinuance in writing at the NORW office and pay the sum of $300.00 as provided in the Water User's Agreement. Otherwise, the customer shall remain liable for all water used and services rendered including the minimum monthly bill until said notice is received and payment made to NORW. The NORW reserves the right to waive the disconnect charge in cases of extreme hardship. The customer shall request such waiver in writing giving specific reasons for the "hardship". All decisions of NORW are final.

(K) All delinquent invoices over $50.00 will be certified over to the County Auditor to be placed as a lien on the property owners tax duplicate.

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