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NORW Responsibility

NORW Responsibility

(A) NORW will install, maintain and operate a main distribution pipeline or lines from the source of water supply, and service lines from the main distribution line or lines to the property line of each CUSTOMER, designated as delivery points. At this point, meters to be purchased, installed, owned and maintained by NORW shall be placed. The cost of the services line or lines from the main distribution line or lines to the delivery point of each CUSTOMER shall be paid by NORW, except in the case of subdivisions which shall be governed by subdivision agreements.

(B) NORW is not required to furnish water until water lines are constructed, fully tested, and approved by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency on or at property described herein.

(C) NORW has the final decision on location and construction of all water lines. All transmission lines shall become the property of NORW upon institution of service.

(D) NORW shall have final jurisdiction of location of any service line connection to its distribution system; shall determine the allocation of water to CUSTOMERS in the event of a water shortage; may shut off the water to a CUSTOMER who allows a connection or extension to be made to his service line for purpose of supplying water to another use.

(E) NORW shall install a meter pit and will also include a water meter in each service. NORW shall have the exclusive right to use such meter pit and water meter and to turn it on and off.

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