Rates for Water Service

Rate Schedule

Gallons Per Minute    Tap Size       Tap Fee Minimum Usage   Minimum Monthly Bill
30      3/4"      $3,000.00 2,000 $32.65
50 1" $5,100.00 5,000 $81.63
100 1-1/2" $8,500.00 10,000 $163.25

Minimum Usage In Excess of Rate Schedule

Minimum Usage   Minimum Bill
Next 50,000 Gallons    $13.31 Per 1000 Gallons
Next 50,000 Gallons $9.59 Per 1000 Gallons


Above 200,000 gallons per month or peak daily usage greater than 7,500 gallons per day, large user rates will be considered on an individual basis. Such individual consideration will include the possibility of the user to provide financial assistance for additional system storage or increased line sizes to be constructed in order to meet their supply requirements. Large users will be required to provide peak hour, daily and average monthly water use information for computer analysis of their effect to the water system. NORW reserves the right to limit maximum usage demands from large users.

Service Fees

Type Fees After Hours
Copy Charges $.15/page  
Credit Card Processing $2.75  
Late Charges 10%  
Meter Test $50.00  
Service Call $25.00 $100.00
Returned Check $25.00  
Reconnects-(Nonpayment-Same Day)    $100.00  
Reconnects-(Nonpayment-Next Day) $50.00  
Meter ReReads $25.00  
Tenant Deposit $100.00  
Transfer of Service $25.00


Leak Protection $1.00 monthly
Water Line Protection $4.65 monthly