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Service Area

Service Area by Township

Northern Ohio Rural Water is presently serving residents in portions of the following townships:

Crawford County water service:

Auburn Township, Chatfield Township, Cranberry Township, Liberty Township

Lorain County water service:

Amherst Township (Portion), Brownhelm Township, Henrietta Township (Portion), City of Vermilion (Portion)

Sandusky County water service:

Ballville Township, Green Creek Township, Riley Township, Sandusky Township, Townsend Township, York Township

Seneca County water service:

Adams Township, Pleasant Township, Reed Township, Thompson Township, Venice Township

Erie County water service:

Berlin Township, Florence Township, Huron Township, Margaretta Township, Milan Township, Vermilion Township

Huron County water service:

Bronson Township, Clarksfield Township, Fitchville Township, Greenfield Township, Greenwich Township, Hartland Township, Lyme Township, Norwalk Township, Norwich Township, Peru Township, Richmond Township, Ridgefield Township, Ripley Township, Sherman Township, Townsend Township, Wakeman Township

Richland County water service:

Bloominggrove Township, Butler Township, Cass Township


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