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Suspension of Service

Suspension of Service

(A) A CUSTOMER is delinquent when the billing for service remains unpaid upon reaching the second billing cycle. Whenever a CUSTOMER is delinquent NORW shall notify CUSTOMER of the dilinquency and intent to disconnect service.  This notice will be prominently displayed on CUSTOMER'S billing statement which shall be mailed to the CUSTOMER by regular U.S. Mail not less than ten (10) days prior to the date of termination of service. Termination of service shall be during normal NORW business hours and in compliance with the following conditions:

  1. Delinquent bill disconnections shall not be made after 12:30 P.M. on the day proceeding a day that all services necessary for the customer to arrange and NORW to preform re-connection are not regularly performed.
  2. On the day of terminaion of service, NORW will provide the customer with a termination notice, securely attached in a conspicuous location, prior to termination.
  3. NORW employees who normally perform the termination of service shall not be authorized to accept payment from a customer or otherwise be able to authorize extended payment arrangements from the customer.
  4. In conjunction with service to the customer of the termination notice provided for herein, NORW shall advise the customer of the business address, telephone number, business hours and a NORW representative who may be contacted in the event customer desires to dispute the reasons for such termination and of the customers right to complain or appeal to NORW should he or she be dissatisfied with reasons for terminating service. Upon request for the customer, NORW shall provide an opportunity for review of the initial decision concerning such dispute.

(B) Service terminated for delinquency shall be restored only after the account is paid in full or suitable payment plan is approved by NORW and the service charge paid for the re-connection.

(C) The amount due to reinstate service must be paid either by cash, certified check, money order or other acceptable payment received by NORW.

(D) The NORW reserves the right to discontinue service for the following reasons:

  1. Delinquent account;
  2. To prevent fraud or abuse;
  3. Consumer's willful disregard of the NORW Rules and Regulations;
  4. Emergency repairs;
  5. Insufficiency of supply due to circumstances beyond NORW's control;
  6. Legal process;
  7. Directive of public authorities;
  8. Strike, riot, fire, flood, drought, accident or other unavoidable cause.

(E) NORW may in addition to prosecution by law, permanently refuse service to any CUSTOMER who fraudulently obtains water from NORW or tampers with any metering device.

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